What does this app do/what does it back up?

  • SMS Backup & Restore backs up SMS/MMS messages and call logs on Android phones so that they can be restored or transferred later.
    MMS messages include messages with pictures/music/videos and usually group messages.
    Draft messages also get backed up and restored as long as the messaging app makes the drafts available in the phone’s messaging database. A lot of messaging apps keep the drafts internal to them so this may or not work for all messaging apps.
  • The app always creates a local backup on your phone, and has options¬† to upload backups to the cloud, which is essential if the phone ever gets lost or stolen or just stops working.
  • Backups can be created on-demand, or can be scheduled to¬† automatically create recurring backups.
  • Backups can be viewed and searched directly from the app.
  • It can also delete all messages and/or calls from the phone to free up space. Of course, we highly recommend that you have backups of them before you delete them.