I’m getting an error when trying to backup or restore. How do I get it working?


  • If you get an Error during SMS Restore, please try restarting the phone and restore again. Sometimes the internal database for the messages gets corrupted and is fixed upon restarting the phone.
  • Some logs suggest an antivirus app interfering with the restore. Uninstalling/Disabling the antivirus app fixes the restore issue.
  • Please send us the logs as soon as you get the error, otherwise the logs will not contain the information needed.

Reporting Errors

If you’re getting an error, then we will need to have a look at the logs to figure out the issue and either make a fix in the app, or determine if there’s something wrong with the settings or the phone. This app has a built-in option to Send Logs in case of errors. This option normally appears when the app encounters an error, and allows you to send us an email containing details of the app’s activity and the error it encountered. You can also find the option by going to Menu > Help and feedback.