I need to factory reset my phone, how do I make sure that I can get my messages back?

On some phones, a factory reset can delete everything on the phone’s memory and storage area, including SD Cards. To make sure that you don’t lose the messages / calls on the phone, do the following:

Before Factory Reset: 

Make sure that a copy of the backup is stored outside the phone by:

  • Emailing the backup to yourself (using the Send backup file feature from the main menu of the app, or by creating a backup and setting the app to send you a copy via email)
  • Uploading the backup to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Copy the backup file to a computer manually

After Factory Reset:

  1. Install the app again
  2. Press the Restore button
  3. Copying the backup file to a computer manually
    • Copy/download the backup file created before the reset back to the phone
    • Change the Backup Folder setting to the folder in which the backup file exists
    • Restore